Signs of fading eyesight? Or insanity? Or Old age?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with my eyesight. In fact, I think I have a highly trained eye – an eye that can easily spot the details and infer information from what I see at lightning speed. Yes – highly trained to ONLY things which are relevant and important to me! It is quite different from my wife. She seems to have this innate trait of “having eyes at the back of her head” – what else can explain scenarios like “The Roshogolla Rage“.

When I sit back and think – I wonder how (or why) my brain does not register these “seemingly obvious” things around me. If whatever I am looking at does not pertain to the immediate task I am involived in, or if its not relevant to an activity on MY interest – I just don’t see it!

Here’s an example of a conversation last weekend –

WIFE: We need to replace the bathroom tiles, its been so long, and the tiles have completely faded away.

ME: Hmm…

WIFE: Can you get them today? You know the place on BG road – just before it hits Hosur Road – there are lot of tile shops there…

ME: “Huh? Really..”

WIFE: What Huh… we go through that area almost every weekend. Right after the Dairy Circle crossing.

ME: I have no idea where your tile shop is… after Dairy Circle, we hit Hosur Road..

WIFE: Yes, yes.. We go to the Super Market right? Just next to it.

ME: I know we go to the SuperMarket. I don’t check out things around it…

WIFE: (extremely irritated) Ari… you have lived here for like “Ever since Adam was born”, and have been going to the Super Market since eternity. You telling me you never saw the tile shops next to it

ME: I never shopped for a tile in my life.

WIFE: (Shaked her head in disgust, and walks away)

Hmm.. Ari is still figuring out why his brain cells don’t register what seems to be “simple” things to wifey? Is this sign of insanity? Or Old age? Or both?

What do you think?