Face Off !

It was early morning around 7 AM.

I looked at the mind blowing guy looking back at me. Tall, plump and jovial.. I think that I have seen him before. He is usually a super energetic, ever smiling and a fun loving guy. But he seemed tensed at that moment, getting ready to perform an activity that required intense concentration. It seemed to be a task that he wanted to get out of his way, quickly.

I stood before the mirror, looking at myself, dreading the task that I was about to perform.

Wifey came over and stood beside me, looking concerned – .”Its ok dear, take it easy..” I looked at her, and smiled – “Don’t worry, today, there will be no bloodshed !” I looked at the weapon I held in my right hand. This time, I would make sure I control it right, I told myself. “Take care, honey..” – she said, gently massaging my back.

This is not the realization of an adolescent fantasy.

This is an almost everyday occurrence at my home when I am trying to shave. While comforting me is one part, the real intention of my wife is to be around so that I don’t lose consciousness through excessive blood loss and hit my head on the ceramic floor. Needless to say, after every shave, my bathroom looks like the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” scene.

I remember, as a child, I fantasized about being an adult. For most of my friends, this amazing far off paradise like land of adulthood seemed to be a place where one could lead one’s life at his own terms – No studying in the evening, No milk every day morning, stay up all night to have fun with friends, sneak in and watch ‘interesting” movies.

For me, it was being able to shave.

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“Exceptional editorial! Would like took pleasure the certain following. I am hoping to learn to read a good deal far more of you. I happen to be quite highly fascinated employing this critical data. ” – read a SPAM comment.

I spend a few minutes daily on the maintenance of my blog. I would have liked to spend more, but work pressure coupled with wifey’s seemingly un-ending task list which utilizes my being tall, having a strong back, and a weak mind – means there is very little time left in a 24 hour day!

Anyway, I guess that I can let the SPAM folder be.. As it is. Unfortunately, I am not conditioned to be that way.  I am incredibly curious – wanting to read even the “Junk Emails” that land up in my mail box to figure out why they were considered “JUNK” in the first place.

 So, from last week, I started reviewing my SPAM folder. And really, I couldn’t believe that I had such great source of personal entertainment right under my nose…..

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