Dumb and Dumber !

I was a dumb kid. Correction – I am STILL a dumb.. Err.. Kid !!Image

I was always intrigued with life. Well, the feeling would go through states of bafflement, bewilderment and in some days, utter confusion! My brain seemed to continuously process information and look to find answers. This nearly-total lack of a mental filter can cause increased stress. Things find their way to my brain, things that don’t belong there, just as things don’t belong in my lungs, like dust.  Being inquisitive, I would ask lot of questions.. And would often be tagged as being dumb..

“Why do you ask so many dumb questions?” – my friends would say

“Stop it Ari.. Sometimes, you ask really dumb questions.. GO NOW!” – my teachers would say.

Every time I asked a question, my self belief took a beating. During those turbulent days, my pillar of strength was my mother. She always supported me. She said everyone goes through this PTT syndrome (no it’s not Push-To-Talk, it is Pre-Teen Trouble). As you grow older, you gain more KNOWLEDGE, and you will find the answers yourself.

I imagined that in the distant future, the fog around my brain would dissipate, the smoke would clear, and I will be able to begin the satisfying task of gathering pieces of understanding and storing them in my mind.  I was convinced that just like every item in the food store came with an expiry date, my dumb-ness also will have an expiry date? The day will arrive when I will finally have the power of “insight”, the gift of “knowledge”.

I patiently waited for the moment to come…Through my teens, my twenties, thirties..

I am still waiting.

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Confessions of a novice blogger

This is my 25th post.

When I started writing this blog on Sep 23rd, it was more like an experiment – wifey’s idea actually – and it seemed like a hobby I could pursue once in a while outside of my usual work schedule. I didn’t really think I could write anything more than 5-10 posts. Then, my first post seemed to be liked by few people – “Here To GO” – and then, I got hooked. I really wanted to write – share my thoughts with the blogosphere. I looked around at other people’s blog – and there were many accomplished writers. They seemed to have immense natural ability – writing on varied subjects – able to make the reader read intently – even long for their next post! (When will Charles write his next post? He is brilliant!! What about Priya – her posts are so thought provoking?)

Within the first few posts, I realized that this had become more than a just a hobby – every post was similar to getting your own book published – the anxiety, the excitement, the nail biting eagerness – the eagerness of wanting people to visit your blog, to see that first comment, someone “Liking” your post! So, here’s to all the eager over-eager writers/bloggers who continue to hope.. And write… that someday, yes someday….

So, here we go folks – The confessions of a novice blogger…

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