Awesome Anushka : Tiffin Trouble

“Are you sure we should do this?” – I whispered.

 A week or so had passed since I was bowled over by AWESOME ANUSHKA. I had returned the Hindi notes copy to Anushka after a couple of days.We had smiled at each other a few times when we met at the water cooler, or in the corridors. I don’t think I ever spoke with her. There never seemed any opportunity to speak with her. She was always surrounded by so many friends… So many. During our tiffin break at 10:00 AM – a time when I thought I could try to have a conversation with her – she would be with other girls, and I would be with the bunch of “smart asses”. I didn’t want to become “laughing stock” trying to stutter and stammer through a conversation in front of her friends. There seemed no opportunity, no opportunity whatsoever, to meet her, talk to her.

Then, came the Friday….

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