AA6 : The BAD boy

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I opened the door, to find Her Highness – my mother standing there. She had returned early from work that day. Mom had come in and was in a state of shock to find her son with a (girl) friend. We came from a conservative family – so it was obvious that bringing (girl) friends at home was NOT encouraged. Especially, with no prior information to Her Highness!

There was an uncomfortable few minutes of conversation before mom went inside. I gestured to Anushka to leave quickly. She got the hint, and left.

Everything in my system told me something miserable was going to happen. I was right!

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AA 5 : The Right Thing

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“I love you, I really… I mean.. Really do” – I looked into Anushka’s dreamy eyes, and blurted out.

We had gone out to a  restaurant. We were seated in front of each other in the 10th floor restaurant, looking down at the beautiful view.

“What? Are you nuts Ari… You are my BEST FRIEND… but I don’t see you that way. You know, I don’t want to get into love and all these things now.. I told you na… that we would be JUST FRIENDS.. Then, what is wrong with you?”

I felt like a knife had cut through me, shred me into pieces as I stood there listening to her. I did not want to live without her, anyway. What can I tell her now? Will we even stop being friends… I should not have done this, I should have kept my emotions in check.. Controlled myself.. Oh God! What now?

“I hate you, I don’t want to talk to you ever again…” Anushka said and walked away…

No.. No, don’t go away.. I will never do this again. I will be JUST FRIENDS… throughout my life. Don’t leave me…. Please…please Anushka!

I woke up, and sat in the bed… OH God.. Thankfully, it was a dream!! Correction – A nightmare!!

My head felt heavy, my heart ached – the thought of Anushka walking away… No.. No.. I cannot let that happen. Ever.

Sitting on the bed, that night, I had decided to do “The Right Thing”

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Awesome Anushka : Be a man, do the right thing!

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The safe zone guy tag was killing me.

Anushka and I had started studying together. Twice a week, I would go over to her place (about 20 min walk from mine), to study from 3:30 PM to 5 PM. Her parents worked, and would come back around 5:30 PM. The maid, her little sister – Arpita, and us would have the house to us in the afternoon.

Even though I pretended to be fine with the Safe Zone Guy – Just Friends thing, it really was killing me. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw her face. Every time I saw her face, I wanted to hug her, kiss her. She was so beautiful – so innocent, so pure, so likeable.lovable.

In school, we kept a distance from each other. We didn’t speak much, apart from the necessary interactions. But somehow, every time I saw a guy speak with her or laugh with her on a joke, something burned within me. Sometimes, during our study sessions, Anushka would speak about some guy in class who she thought was so cute (or nice or good looking), and I felt like a knife cutting me into pieces.  I didn’t quite know if this was love or possessiveness or whatever… but somehow – Anushka occupied 95% of my mind space at all times.

Correction – 99% of mind space. But, we were JUST FRIENDS!

Then came the Wednesday…

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Awesome Anushka : Tiffin Trouble

“Are you sure we should do this?” – I whispered.

 A week or so had passed since I was bowled over by AWESOME ANUSHKA. I had returned the Hindi notes copy to Anushka after a couple of days.We had smiled at each other a few times when we met at the water cooler, or in the corridors. I don’t think I ever spoke with her. There never seemed any opportunity to speak with her. She was always surrounded by so many friends… So many. During our tiffin break at 10:00 AM – a time when I thought I could try to have a conversation with her – she would be with other girls, and I would be with the bunch of “smart asses”. I didn’t want to become “laughing stock” trying to stutter and stammer through a conversation in front of her friends. There seemed no opportunity, no opportunity whatsoever, to meet her, talk to her.

Then, came the Friday….

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