Signs of fading eyesight? Or insanity? Or Old age?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with my eyesight. In fact, I think I have a highly trained eye – an eye that can easily spot the details and infer information from what I see at lightning speed. Yes – highly trained to ONLY things which are relevant and important to me! It is quite different from my wife. She seems to have this innate trait of “having eyes at the back of her head” – what else can explain scenarios like “The Roshogolla Rage“.

When I sit back and think – I wonder how (or why) my brain does not register these “seemingly obvious” things around me. If whatever I am looking at does not pertain to the immediate task I am involived in, or if its not relevant to an activity on MY interest – I just don’t see it!

Here’s an example of a conversation last weekend –

WIFE: We need to replace the bathroom tiles, its been so long, and the tiles have completely faded away.

ME: Hmm…

WIFE: Can you get them today? You know the place on BG road – just before it hits Hosur Road – there are lot of tile shops there…

ME: “Huh? Really..”

WIFE: What Huh… we go through that area almost every weekend. Right after the Dairy Circle crossing.

ME: I have no idea where your tile shop is… after Dairy Circle, we hit Hosur Road..

WIFE: Yes, yes.. We go to the Super Market right? Just next to it.

ME: I know we go to the SuperMarket. I don’t check out things around it…

WIFE: (extremely irritated) Ari… you have lived here for like “Ever since Adam was born”, and have been going to the Super Market since eternity. You telling me you never saw the tile shops next to it

ME: I never shopped for a tile in my life.

WIFE: (Shaked her head in disgust, and walks away)

Hmm.. Ari is still figuring out why his brain cells don’t register what seems to be “simple” things to wifey? Is this sign of insanity? Or Old age? Or both?

What do you think?


What are your favorite ways to procrastinate?

How fitting is this? I have this post sitting in my drafts for almost a month now. I have been happily procrastinating a blog about procrastination. Like most of us, I am also heavily prone to procrastination. Especially on tasks that I do not like to do…

While all of us procrastinate to various degrees in all spheres of life, I will limit the scope of this post to household chores and nags requests that keep coming – just when you think you can sit down for a nice little “no work and blank out your mind” zone.

The most common syndromes…

The DO IT LATER Bugger

This syndrome is observed when one is asked to do things that he / she does not like to do. The “I’ll do it later” basically means that “I have no intention of doing it”, and please look at other alternatives. Sadly, it takes some time for the partner to figure out the REAL meaning – and can cause stress till the time the partner gives up (hopefully)

AN example

PROS: If your partner has figured out the real meaning, and is fine with it – you are the champion! You can get away from most of the nags!

CONS: Very high on guilt quotient – Near danger levels, since you made the commitment of doing it (without specifying the timeframe). Someday, you will have to DO IT! Till then, guilt rises with every reminder!

The Negotiator

This is observed when you try to negotiate your way out of doing the task you are being requested to do. Your success depends on your negotiation skills and your assertiveness. If nothing else, it helps reduce the priority, and procrastinate it till the time the task really DEMANDS attention


Wife: Ari, the pipe in the back porch is leaking. Can you get that fixed today?

Ari: Too much work today.. I saw the leakage, it just a small one.. And it is not imperative to fix it now.

Wife: Come on, everyday the porch looks unclean because of it. Also, it may cause seepage in the walls.

Ari: Don’t worry about it.. The rate at which water is leaking, it will take many years before seepage happens.

Wife: [Gritting teeth] Will you fix it or not?

Ari: My analysis shows there is still time till it needs my attention… so, don’t worry about it!

Wife: [Waves hand over her head, and gives me the “What do I do with you” look!!

PROS: No commitment, no expectations. One of the best mode of procrastination

CONS: Can be perceived as argumentative and cause severe stress (depending on mood & situation). Ensure you have backup options. Under severe cases, sleeping on the sofa also a possibility!

The Silent Assasin

It also works best for procrastination – if you can carry it off that is! If you can ignore a request and feign complete ignorance about it, you can “get away” without feeling guilty (lots of it, in my case) of having committed something, and not delivering on your commitment. This is mostly observed when you are asked to do a task that is required, but at the same time, quite distasteful. For e.g: Cleaning the toilet! I mean, I understand all tasks are important – but hey – I don’t think anyone will be queuing up to clean the toilet!

Here’s how our conversation ensues –

Me watching TV.

WIFE: Ari…

Me still watching TV

WIFE: Sweetheart- bit louder..

No response…

WIFE: Ari…

ME: “huh?”

WIFE: I have been trying to talk to you for nearly 5 minutes

ME: Oh, really.. Oh.. Ok. I didn’t hear you, what is it?

WIFE: Can you clean the toilet?

ME: [No response, just look at her with this “I seem to have trouble understanding the instructions” and stare back at the TV.

This cycle continues few more times till either you revert to the above two modes of operation.

PROS: No commitment, if you can pull it off!

CONS: Wifey gets terribly upset and your guilt quotient crosses the “DANGER” levels, and you end up doing it!!

Maybe there are more ways, but let’s park that for later.

What are your favorite ways to procrastinate?

Maybe… I am an ass!!

“That is a good omen” – said a friend, during our lunch table conversations. A bird flying over our roof top canteen had just downloaded a huge pile of poop on me, and I was swearing away.

 I have always been intrigued with co-incidences, superstitions and the things which possibly cannot have  “scientific” answers. Like most other beings, I am rational, analytical and logical. However, there seem to be some happenings in my life that continuously re-inforce some of my beliefs / superstitions. Over the years, my mind seems to be conditioned to believe in these co-incidences – somehow, somehow there seems to be a way for these things to influence the outcome of anything I do. I believe that my words, my position of my desk, the side in which I get up from my bed in the mornings, my thoughts and the timing of them affect outside events. Events, that in turn, have a direct bearing on me, my mood, my life, my friends, family and near and dear ones. I wear rings on my fingers (four of them actually) – each of them for strategically placed in the correct finger to harmonize planetary motions, and bring peace and harmony (or so I hope) in my life.

As a child growing up in a small town in East India – there were several little gem of these beliefs that we were exposed to – at a very early age…..

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Timed Out!

“When will you pay the bills? Last weekend you said you will do later. One week is gone and you did nothing” – wifey said to the tired, seemingly overworked yours truly.

It has been a hectic week. I have always received feedback to improve my time management. But, how do you manage time? In fact, time always seems to have the upper hand – chasing / hunting me downIt seems to always keep running at a frantic pace, and I am somehow never able to cope up with it. I have tried planning my day many times, using the Outlook calendar to block my time to get the million (or so it seems) action items completed. But somehow, all my plans are put off by some event nor the other that happens during the day. In the office – I am usually frantically running around trying to accomplish the tasks for the day! My drive back home is almost always interrupted by a realization of task(s) I may have missed – “Oh shit! I forgot to send the update to Mr XXX”. I usually enter home after a hard day’s work, open up the laptop immediately to try and complete the things that I remembered during my drive back home.

If only time would stand still, for sometime and allow me to work at my own pace…

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“Exceptional editorial! Would like took pleasure the certain following. I am hoping to learn to read a good deal far more of you. I happen to be quite highly fascinated employing this critical data. ” – read a SPAM comment.

I spend a few minutes daily on the maintenance of my blog. I would have liked to spend more, but work pressure coupled with wifey’s seemingly un-ending task list which utilizes my being tall, having a strong back, and a weak mind – means there is very little time left in a 24 hour day!

Anyway, I guess that I can let the SPAM folder be.. As it is. Unfortunately, I am not conditioned to be that way.  I am incredibly curious – wanting to read even the “Junk Emails” that land up in my mail box to figure out why they were considered “JUNK” in the first place.

 So, from last week, I started reviewing my SPAM folder. And really, I couldn’t believe that I had such great source of personal entertainment right under my nose…..

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Confessions of a novice blogger

This is my 25th post.

When I started writing this blog on Sep 23rd, it was more like an experiment – wifey’s idea actually – and it seemed like a hobby I could pursue once in a while outside of my usual work schedule. I didn’t really think I could write anything more than 5-10 posts. Then, my first post seemed to be liked by few people – “Here To GO” – and then, I got hooked. I really wanted to write – share my thoughts with the blogosphere. I looked around at other people’s blog – and there were many accomplished writers. They seemed to have immense natural ability – writing on varied subjects – able to make the reader read intently – even long for their next post! (When will Charles write his next post? He is brilliant!! What about Priya – her posts are so thought provoking?)

Within the first few posts, I realized that this had become more than a just a hobby – every post was similar to getting your own book published – the anxiety, the excitement, the nail biting eagerness – the eagerness of wanting people to visit your blog, to see that first comment, someone “Liking” your post! So, here’s to all the eager over-eager writers/bloggers who continue to hope.. And write… that someday, yes someday….

So, here we go folks – The confessions of a novice blogger…

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700+ and counting…

“700+ and counting :-)” – read a Facebook update from a friend – He had gone past 700 friends in Facebook.

“ABC XXXXX 1500+” – read the name of a profile in LinkedIn –  The 1500+ added recently to signify the number of connections he has.

Well… let’s face it – social networking has become ubiquitous. Facebook is the favorite “hangout” for many – be it in schools, colleges or after-work hours.  Not having a Facebook ID can be considered anything from being “uncool” to “Living in the Stone Age”. Most, if not all of us, feel happy to see the number of friends or connections on social networking sites increase – so much so, that some of my friends see it as a sense of competition (I must have more friends than X or Y)

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