Awesome Anushka!

I started off writing Awesome Anushka as one of the blog posts, and it seems to have been liked by several of my readers. Soon, I started thinking of making this a series.. tales of a shy small town guy who adjusts to the working ways of a metropolitan city, and meets this wonderful girl – Anushka…

Will they fall in love? Will they ever be together….

Awesome Anushka Chapters

Chapter 1 : Awesome Anushka

Chapter 2: Tiffin Trouble

Chapter 3 : The Safe Zone Guy

Chapter 4: Be a man, do the right thing!

Chapter 5: The Right Thing

Chapter 6: The Bad Boy

Chapter 7: No More!!


10 thoughts on “Awesome Anushka!

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  2. a lovely series Ari. Maybe you should turn it into a book! I am just hoping that this Anuska is your wife…if not, hats off to your wife for being so tolerant!!! I know that this was long back, but even then, I am wouldnt be ready for it as a wife…

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