This is ME!

Hi friends..

If you have clicked this link, and curious to know more about the freaked out brain who writes fun posts, here’s a sneak peak about me –

I am an IT professional currently working in MindTree – a mid size software firm. “Ah! One of those geeky software professionals” – if that’s what you are thinking, be warned though. I have little sense of restraint.. there is an almost non-existent filter between my brain and mouth. My colleagues call me “Animated”, “Hyper-Active” and even “Garrulous”… (someone suggested I should name this blog – AriRambles)

I truly believe that I am searching for the real meaning of my existence. I believe it is by quirk of fate that I became an engineer, better still a software professional. The day I understand myself better – I shall write about that too!

In short, I am a simple guy with heavy dose of octane who is always incredibly curious about everything that happens around him. My notes on this blog shall contain a plethora of topics – from simple fun experiences to my views on leadership, sports and current affairs..

THIS IS ME!! UNPLUGGED!!Ā .. stay tuned!!

As always only good things will happen!

My colleagues at office created these as part of a series where we got to know each person in the account better.. I am privileged to have worked with such enthusiastic, passionate and fun-loving individuals…


20 thoughts on “This is ME!

  1. Dam .. there are lots of other names which we kept for you … And ya, you should be privileged to work with us .. šŸ™‚ …

  2. Good Show!! Keep it going… Good to know that you have started taking interest in things outside of work.

    Good luck,

    • Thanks for visiting Pranjal.. yeah… I am loving this, and hope can continue through the work hassles etc.. Pull up a chair, and stay… I am sure you will have some fun!! šŸ™‚

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