Am back !!!

Dear friends,

Sorry to have disappeared for few months… after some cajoling from my friend, and determination to find time again and balance “things that need to be done” vs. “things i love to do”, am back again with the usual dose of fun, humor, and story telling…

Stay tuned !

Till the next one comes, think about this –

Why do we have one mouth and two ears? Doesn’t that seem to suggest God’s way of telling us the proportional use of those organs?

If you agree, can someone please help tell that to my wife and mom?

Be back soon! Cheers


7 thoughts on “Am back !!!

  1. Welcome back Arindham 🙂 your humor has been missed.

    I wonder why some people express every single thought and word that comes to their mind.
    BUT the sad news is there is no sopping them. All you can do is act deaf and smile and nod constantly 🙂

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