AA 7 : No More!!

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“Stop saying it so many times Ari..” – Anushka said.

The same hands that I was holding and kissing about 16 hours 20 minutes and 10 seconds ago were holding the ice cream that I had bought for us during tiffin break the next day. I had already thanked her five times (or maybe more, I don’t remember) for coming to my home yesterday. I had not told her about the trouble at home – not yet! I had tried hard last night to think of a master plan – but the grey cells in my head refused to provide any help, as is so often the case! I am sure that if I do an IQ test on me, I would be the bottom percentile. But hey! Somehow, I had Anushka. And somehow, the rest of the things – grades, IQ, KK sir, Vikram, Sam.. No-one seemed to matter anymore. All I cared about was her – being with her!

Is this love? Is this infatuation? Is this lust? Is this craziness? Am I being stupid? I didn’t know. I didn’t care.

Her sweet voice interrupted my thoughts, again!

Anushka: Shy guy! What are you thinking so much?

ME: Nothing. Well.. I mean, about last evening…

Anushka: Ok, shut up now! No more of that ok.. Expect NO MORE!

I shut up! I looked at her lips licking the ice cream. If only, I had been the chocolate ice cream in her hand. How cheezy is that? Eeeks! I thought. But, my mind wandered into the crazy world of me, her and love.. . No more.. what does she really mean by no more. I needed to clarify.

ME: I have a question. By NO MORE, you mean “NO more holding hand and kissing” , or “No more THAN holding hand and kissing

Anushka: (She hit me on my arm) Shut up! Shut up! You guys na.. I tell you!! Only ONE TRACK mind!

This time, I shut up for good! The bell rang for classes to begin.

The Maths class had started. KK sir was teaching us Geometry. He was talking about hyperbola and curves and so on. My mind was focused on curves too – of a different kind!

I couldn’t take my mind off her – thinking about her!

DON’T BE A BAD BOY! – my mother had said.

Oh God! I haven’t told her about my conversation with mom yesterday. How do I tell her about what happened yesterday? I cannot call her for sure, and  if she calls me and mom picks up – that will surely be the END OF DAYS!

What do I do?

Maybe, I should just tell my mom.. “I love Anushka, Ma”. Its so simple.. Or is it? I remembered how conservative we were, and shivered! What if I lose Anushka.. No No, I cannot take that chance!

What was the problem? We could meet everyday in school, spend more time together – let the buffoons talk crap about us – I didn’t care. But no, I cared. I did not want someone to talk anything bad about her.. I would kill anyone who uttered any word of nonsense about her!

Maybe, I should climb up the porch and into her home.. Jeez! That sounded so filmy!!! Did anyone do that in real life? Even if someone did, it was too bold a move! I was after all a shy guy!!

Something inside me told me to be bold – to take this in my own hands.

No More shall I be called a SHY GUY! No More!! The transformation had begun!

But still, I had no plan… Who can help?


9 thoughts on “AA 7 : No More!!

  1. “If only, I had been the chocolate ice cream in her hand”
    lol – that’s the only reason you guys hanker after girls??????? 😛
    anyways, Anushka sure can help. She’s more daring than Ari on any day… 😀

  2. “I would kill anyone who uttered any word of nonsense about her!”
    sounds like a plan to me 🙂 Anushka would be happy to knw that.
    but i am guessing Ari wants to do something rash. something thrilling…
    Ari is a 14 yr old!!! he cannot just succomb to grounding 😛
    he needs to sneak out. just for the heck of it – for the excitement.
    Ari needs to tell Anushka that he is in love with her. I know!!! Ari is not sure whether it is love or infatuation or lust or whatever. but hey, “love” is the magic word. go use it 😀

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