AA6 : The BAD boy

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I opened the door, to find Her Highness – my mother standing there. She had returned early from work that day. Mom had come in and was in a state of shock to find her son with a (girl) friend. We came from a conservative family – so it was obvious that bringing (girl) friends at home was NOT encouraged. Especially, with no prior information to Her Highness!

There was an uncomfortable few minutes of conversation before mom went inside. I gestured to Anushka to leave quickly. She got the hint, and left.

Everything in my system told me something miserable was going to happen. I was right!

Once Anushka was gone, Mom came to the living room, hands on hips and said –

“What’s going on here?”. Her voice stern!

That question accompanied with the “hands on hips” posture usually meant Demolition Day.

ME: N..nnothing.. I mean…Nnothing..

Mom: Don’t feign ignorance. How long have you known her?

ME: She is just a class mate Ma. She had come over to get some notes.

Mom: I didn’t see her leave with any notes… don’t make up stories now. (Mom had a very sharp eye – it was almost impossible to trick her. I was not having a good feeling about the conversation)

ME: Err… I mean.. I will give it to her tomorrow (I said looking away)

Mom: Look at me son! Something is wrong, are you in a relationship with her?

ME: MOM!! NO!! What, we are like JUST FRIENDS.. Rather JUST CLASSMATES! (I lied as assertively as possible)

This was going nowhere! Though I was assertive, somehow, mom DID NOT look convinced. Thankfully, the phone rang.

Who would be calling at this time. Was it Anushka? Maybe she was calling me to check if everything was fine..I picked it up. IT was Anushka! This was NOT a good time.

Anushka: Hey sweetie!! How’s u?

ME: Hello, yeah.. Hey Sam! Yeah, am good! (I did not want mom to know she had called – somehow, at that time, it seemed to be the RIGHT thing to do)

Anushka: What? Sam? Is everything alright?

ME: Not really! I have not done the homework! I need to get to study in the evening, and then I can let you know. Why don’t we talk tomorrow, and I can help you with the Maths problems?

Anushka: Well… seems things are not good! Ok, I will keep the phone

ME: Thank you!!! Thanks for understanding! Good night!

I hung up the phone!

Mom had come over and was standing next to me now!

Mom: It was Anushka, isnt it?

ME: What?? No Ma. It was Sam.

Mom: Hmm.. (She looked at me with eyes that looked like Xrays almost going right through me and baring my soul)  You haven’t done any hanky panky with her – right?

 Hanky panky!!! What the hell was that?

ME: What?? No! No!! What are you talking about?

Mom: Guilt is written on your face! You are my son, and I know you well!

I hated that statement – it basically meant that she has figured out I was lying. Maybe, I should tell her the truth! What the hell! Its not that I had done any crime – I was in LOVE, and it’s no big deal. People fall in love all the time. It is the most ubiquitous emotion.

Mom: Is she the reason why your grades are falling in class? Is she why you got your lowest grades in last week’s test?

She was right! I had no idea how she had derived all this…

ME: No, don’t talk crap now! Go!!

I wanted to end the conversation, somehow.. God please.. Get me out of this. I hate to be interrogated like this, as if I have done some heinous crime. Just an hour or so ago – life seemed so beautiful. Our relationship seemed ready to move into the fast lane!

I had kissed her hand!! Wow! Life HAD moved into the fast lane! I had taken her hand in mind, raised it and kissed it. How beautiful that moment was.. She sat right in front – few centimeters separating us.

Mom’s stern voice shook me out of my daydream.

Mom: You are grounded! No more phone calls, no more study sessions or whatever crap you do in the afternoons! You are our only son, Ari. Your dad and I have so much hopes on you, and you are ruining it for a girl! Don’t be a BAD BOY!

ME: Ma, that’s not fair! I am not a bad boy…

Mom: Go now.. Go to study! AND YES, I will lock the phone! No more phone calls…

I was grounded! That was for sure! In a matter of few weeks, I had moved from being the safe zone guy to being a man to finally becoming “THE BAD BOY”. What was so bad about loving Anushka? My grades were falling, but somehow not being able to meet her was causing more pain that the falling grades.

I had to figure out ways to meet her… I wanted to be with her – right now! How? How do I get out? Maybe – we can spend more time in school. No, No… those morons at school will make it a big thing. I remembered how they teased me – Ari, will you have tiffin with me. I HAVE BROUGHT PARATHAS…. No, connecting at school will not help.

Where there is will, there is a way! I have to find out way to get out of this. For the first time in my life, I really had to use the grey cells up there – and that too for the right cause – to be able to be with Anushka! Awesome Anushka!

What should I do?


9 thoughts on “AA6 : The BAD boy

  1. hilarious. i was thinking “poor Ari” … and then thinking “all mothers are alike :)”
    and then i was thinking “Ari should have just talked to her mom” – she would understand.
    surely she would – she would understand that turning to a majnoon will not help for the grades… a little leeway definitely will help.
    but this being the curel crazy world it is, the son named Ari will not talk to his mom – does not really know how to explain it to mom. rather he will invent someway to sneak out and meet Anushka – and that is very romantic really 🙂

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