MD 19 : The Power Saver Mode

“How was your day today?” – wifey asked.
I had returned from a tough day’s work at office. We were having the evening tea together. This is the usual 30 min break for me before I open up the laptop again, and complete the remaining tasks for the day.

ME: Yeah, it was fine..


WIFE: Well, don’t you want to know how my day was? (feeling a bit disappointed with my one liner answer, and no follow up question)

ME: (I really don’t want to hear.. But let me be try to be a good hubby) Yeah… yeah.. How was your day, dear?

WIFE: Well… it was ok.. I mean.. There were some good, and some “not so good” moments, you know – the typical kind of day.

Dear readers – let me make another confession today. I suffer from “Selective Listening”. My wife makes it sound like a problem, but I really think of it as my ability – ability to “not clutter my brain with unnecessary information”. After all, I am already short changed with the amount of grey matter up there – so, need to expend it wisely.

Typical kind of day usually meant lot of details for next 15-20 minutes. I braced myself, as my brain switched to the “PowerSaver” mode – Selective Hearing controls ON.


WIFE: After you dropped me at work at 9…. Blah blah blah…

ME: I look at her, with this seemingly interested expression.

WIFE: Then at 11, Susan came and …… blah blah blah

ME: (Interested expression continues, its been close to 5 minutes, time to insert a comment just to make-believe that I am listening) Well.. That’s interesting… (I have no idea what she said, but interesting is an “interesting” word that denotes NEUTRAL emotions)

WIFE: Interesting.. It was hilarious… and then, We went out for lunch at 12:30… had great food at the new restaurant.. The menu.. Blah.. Blah

More blah..

More blah…

Then I came home at 5, and guess what.. I find this guy standing at our door.. Blah… blah.. Blah…

ME: Oh! Really…

WIFE: Really.. Of course, really.. So, I made this guy plant… blah.. Blah.. blah

The phone rings.. Mother has called. Thankfully. Wife-mom conversations usually takes a long time. Brain switches on to “Balanced” mode – Selective Hearing controls OFF.

Its dinner time. I walk out to the back porch to get some fresh air. The porch seems to be cleaned up – new flower pots have been put – a lovely rose plant kept at the two corners. Hmm.. Guess, my wife did lot of work today.

I sit at the dinner table…

ME: Hey, seems like you had the porch cleaned up today? Did the gardener come?

WIFE: (Looks at me with the “How can you ask such a question” expression) ARI!! I just told you an hour or two ago about all this.. The guy at the door when I returned from work today… you did not listen.. Huh?

I will spare the details of the catastrophe (rather Wrathostrophe) that followed… well.. Well.. One of those days, when the Powersaver mode left me in BIG trouble! I think its ok – need to work out the pros and cons… the pros of saving the clutter in my brain through the POWERSAVER mode, seems to far outweigh the occasional BAD DAY!

What do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “MD 19 : The Power Saver Mode

  1. You sound like every male on this continent. Is it just a “man thing?” You make me believe that all around the world there are women talking, talking, talking to men that are just waiting for an opportunity to run away.

    I’ll bet you were in so much trouble. You’re just lucky you are cute and clever and that she loves you.

    Very funny post.

    • Well, I am lucky that she loves me… so, the wrathostrophe usually passes by. I think women have this ability of wanting to share details – and they seem to remember them to.. for me, I would really struggle to give a daily log of what all happened…

      Thank you for visiting and commenting Miss D….

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