Maybe… I am an ass!!

“That is a good omen” – said a friend, during our lunch table conversations. A bird flying over our roof top canteen had just downloaded a huge pile of poop on me, and I was swearing away.

 I have always been intrigued with co-incidences, superstitions and the things which possibly cannot have  “scientific” answers. Like most other beings, I am rational, analytical and logical. However, there seem to be some happenings in my life that continuously re-inforce some of my beliefs / superstitions. Over the years, my mind seems to be conditioned to believe in these co-incidences – somehow, somehow there seems to be a way for these things to influence the outcome of anything I do. I believe that my words, my position of my desk, the side in which I get up from my bed in the mornings, my thoughts and the timing of them affect outside events. Events, that in turn, have a direct bearing on me, my mood, my life, my friends, family and near and dear ones. I wear rings on my fingers (four of them actually) – each of them for strategically placed in the correct finger to harmonize planetary motions, and bring peace and harmony (or so I hope) in my life.

As a child growing up in a small town in East India – there were several little gem of these beliefs that we were exposed to – at a very early age…..


Leaving home when someone sneezed was considered inauspicious. I have missed the school bus because the maid sneezed when I was about to leave.


Eating eggs during exams – we were forbidden from eating eggs during exam – reason – we were likely to get ZERO in exams (ZERO being similar in shape to the egg yolk!!)


Cat crossing path – This one is a really bad omen. Somehow, as per some mythology, cats are capable of housing evil spirits – and a cat crossing path would mean – evil spirit nearby! We would stop, wait, let something else move past and then only go forward.


Shoes kept upside down brings quarrel in the family. Grandma would go around ensuring all the shoes were NOT kept upside down.. Phew!


Left eye twitching – considered to be good – something good is going to happen!


There were many many more. Each one seemed to have been firmed up over years of research and several learned people had vetted the theory as being authentic.

It strange how your mind gets conditioned to some of these things, and you try to search for these co-incidences in good / bad happenings in life.. As I grew up, I started thinking about more such occurrences – I had some of my own –

I dread Friday, the 13th. I am convinced, absolutely convinced that something miserable will happen on that day! If nothing else, I will slip over something and fall on my face.

I always sleep on the left side of the bed

I wear specific colored shirts on important days – because they are supposed to bring me luck

I always have a white kerchief in my right pocket

I have stood on a single tile in my home for close to 5 hrs while watch cricket match – somehow thinking that any movement will cause Sachin Tendulkar (my favorite player) to get out

I don’t wear metal bands in wrist watches – someone told it was unlucky based on the direction some planets were positioned at the time of my birth!

I use Tahoma font when I write my draft blog – because the first post I posted with that seemed to be liked by people

I changed my blog theme to another one, and got one my worst days – immediately changed it back to the theme where I was doing better.

Phew… the list can go on and on and on….

Yes, yes. I know what you are thinking. What a dumb ass, this fellow is!

Well.. Maybe I am an ASS – Always Stupid and Superstitious !!

What are some of the superstitions that you have?


14 thoughts on “Maybe… I am an ass!!

  1. The one that always gets me is that people think it’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors. No, it’s just more likely that you will poke someone in the eye so it’s sensible to keep that kind of action for open spaces Similarly, it’s supposed to be bad luck to walk under a ladder. Nooo, it’s just increasing your chances of having a bucket land on your head!

    You stay lucky!

  2. Either you must be a nervous wreck or feel completely in control! I do pay attention to “signs” from the universe, but I wouldn’t say that I am superstitious. Well maybe a little bit. For two seasons in tennis I wore a certain colored rubber band on my ponytail – I guess that would count!
    I like to think of it as a talisman instead!

  3. I’ve never understood how a bird pooping on you was supposed to be lucky. Seems exactly the opposite to me. I’ve never been overly superstitious. I got married on Friday the 13th, and 12 good years later, it doesn’t seem as though anything bad is going to happen. ‘Scuse me while I knock on wood… 🙂

  4. Growing up, I followed one too many superstitions…don’t call out to someone as they are about to leave your house, don’t ask them where they are going, don’t wear new clothes on a Saturday unless you dot it with a touch of sandalwood (or was it turmeric?), don’t cut hair on the day you were born…gosh the list is endless! I must say I’ve abandoned most beliefs now but it’s difficult to let go at first without any qualms!

  5. “ASS – Always Stupid and Superstitious” – That is a good one. You are so funny. Your posts always make be smile and laugh out load.

    I’m not superstitious, except when I get a good fortune from a fortune cookie. I’ll carry it around with me hoping it will come true. I even taped one to my monitor at work. I wanted it to come true so bad. After several years, I finally threw it away. I never became a famous writer. So much for superstitions.

    Love the post.

  6. Thanks Miss D.. thank you for visiting. Most of these things dont really matter, but guess mind plays funny tricks sometimes, and “hopes” that these will bring in good luck..

  7. So, with all that – are you lucky? 🙂

    My mum taught me some superstitions… like if my left ear burns someone’s saying something bad about me and if my right ear burns someone’s saying something nice about me. However as mostly those happen when I’ve just been sleeping on that side, I don’t take much notice of it anymore!

    I used to avoid walking under ladders… then some years ago, I thought, oh what the hell, and walked under them deliberately. I lived. (Though I did worry that I’d get paint dropped on my head from the person with a can of paint at the top of the ladder).

    As for the bird that pooped on you – you misunderstand. That’s the bird’s way of saying “hey dude, you look friendly, I trust you, have some shit!” 😉

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