Timed Out!

“When will you pay the bills? Last weekend you said you will do later. One week is gone and you did nothing” – wifey said to the tired, seemingly overworked yours truly.

It has been a hectic week. I have always received feedback to improve my time management. But, how do you manage time? In fact, time always seems to have the upper hand – chasing / hunting me downIt seems to always keep running at a frantic pace, and I am somehow never able to cope up with it. I have tried planning my day many times, using the Outlook calendar to block my time to get the million (or so it seems) action items completed. But somehow, all my plans are put off by some event nor the other that happens during the day. In the office – I am usually frantically running around trying to accomplish the tasks for the day! My drive back home is almost always interrupted by a realization of task(s) I may have missed – “Oh shit! I forgot to send the update to Mr XXX”. I usually enter home after a hard day’s work, open up the laptop immediately to try and complete the things that I remembered during my drive back home.

If only time would stand still, for sometime and allow me to work at my own pace…

At home, I wonder if I spend time wisely!  What could I accomplish with my time if I didn’t spend so much of it trying to open  jam jars or filling up the stupid water bottles from the water filter? How many weeks have I lost rinsing out almost-empty shampoo bottles? How many months have I spent  listening to a recorded message telling me how important my call is?

I also wonder how or why I metamorphose from the energetic, super-charged person (or so I believe) at office to the lazy, don’t want to work person at home. I have not been able to figure out what triggers the metamorphosis. Suddenly, once I am surrounded by the cozy comfort of home – my ability to complete any task seem to be influenced by numerous external factors.

Baseline time required to complete the task = 2 hrs

Time conversion factors based on external influence….

India’s cricket match is on -> + 7 hours (or +3 if it’s a TwentyTwenty match)

  • India lost the match  -> + 2 hours for sulking
  • Sachin Tendulkar is batting -> Outcome depends on how well he plays, tasks may get completed that day or may not.
  • Any other sports on-> + 1-2 hrs depending on interest levels

Good movie is on -> + 3 hours

Roshogolla is nearby -> + 30 minutes

Roshogolla or ice cream is a reward for completing a task -> – 30 minutes

The task involves – >

  • Any sort of cleaning -> +2-4 hours
  • Laundry -> +2 hours
  • Paying bills online -> +4 hrs

Any other task I usually hate to do -> can range from +1 hr to + 1 year depending on how much I hate the task!

Finally, like most men (I guess), I also suffer from the “I will do it later” syndrome. Most women (generalizing based on my experience with my mom, wifey and MIL) don’t really understand the “REAL” meaning of this statement.

ME: I will do it later.

WIFEY: [Ok, he will do it once he is done doing whatever he is doing now]

ME: [I hate doing whatever you asked me to do, and I will have no intention of doing that freaking task. I am watching a super movie / sports right now, and have no intention of getting into any discussion or argument regarding this now]

Alas! Mom / MIL / Wifey just don’t get it!

Is this one of those “Men from MARS, Women from Venus” differences? What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Timed Out!

  1. In the case of my late husband, it was more a matter of advanced psychology. He believed if he left the task undone (or did it poorly enough) for a sufficient amount of time, I would (re)do it under Ms. D’s theory. He often underestimated the sheer power of my will and did what he should have to begin.

    I think for most men it is more a feeling (and I asked a few dozen men to be sure) of having done their duty by working. They felt they should not be required to do any other unpleasant tasks (as most hated the idea of their occupations).

    The answer is in a more equitable split in the duties. Each spouse picking which of the “Damn, I don’t want to do that” tasks they will do for the sanctity (and sanity) of the marriage.

    2 more cents,

    • Thank you for reading. Very well said, and I completely agree. Men do these more to fulfill their duties, and hope that if they do some part of it – it would be good enough – for the time being at least.

      I also agree that its best to have some of these MUST BE DONE, BUT HATE TO DO THEM tasks split between spouses…

  2. I’m a procrastinator – why do today what you can put off until tomorrow or the next day – especially if there is something else more fun to do right now. Besides, when you’re old and looking back on your life, you’re not going to say, “Gee, I wish I had spent more time doing chores and less time watching movies.”

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