“Exceptional editorial! Would like took pleasure the certain following. I am hoping to learn to read a good deal far more of you. I happen to be quite highly fascinated employing this critical data. ” – read a SPAM comment.

I spend a few minutes daily on the maintenance of my blog. I would have liked to spend more, but work pressure coupled with wifey’s seemingly un-ending task list which utilizes my being tall, having a strong back, and a weak mind – means there is very little time left in a 24 hour day!

Anyway, I guess that I can let the SPAM folder be.. As it is. Unfortunately, I am not conditioned to be that way.  I am incredibly curious – wanting to read even the “Junk Emails” that land up in my mail box to figure out why they were considered “JUNK” in the first place.

 So, from last week, I started reviewing my SPAM folder. And really, I couldn’t believe that I had such great source of personal entertainment right under my nose…..


The vast majority of this SPAM crap is just sentence fragment one-liners that are apparently designed to tantalize me to the point I’ll either click the link or go ahead and allow their comment on my blog. Somehow neither ever happens. I wonder though, if the stupid buggers sitting wherever they are and sending out these spam comments would change their strategy to a more aggressive one. What if they could force me into clicking the stupid links. Otherwise, Iam  sorry to say the buggers will die trying.

Here are few samples of the SPAM I received. Do they sound tantalizing enough for you to “Approve” them or “click the link”?

… read a good deal far more of you….I happen to be quite highly fascinated employing this critical data – Before he gets fascinated employing critical data, can this stupid moron write proper English?

“…. iuurr 588 kkk ” – encoded message, am searching for a way to de-code

exoticleather…. : Great topic, I was waiting for this info for my mission.. Far more wait” – Far more wait for my post so that it can help exoticleather gather info on his/her mission.. Phew!!

S6tqnj phsnxmqegsha, [url=]srkzpjfknjmc[/url], [link=]zfyqgfnfaufz[/link],  – Yeah, go figure that one out!!!

“upper buttock pain…” – No wonder.. Spams are a BIG pain in the upper buttock region, and mine keep growing larger.. Yes, both the spam list and the “you know what”.

What are the wackiest spam comments or emails  that you have received?


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