Confessions of a novice blogger

This is my 25th post.

When I started writing this blog on Sep 23rd, it was more like an experiment – wifey’s idea actually – and it seemed like a hobby I could pursue once in a while outside of my usual work schedule. I didn’t really think I could write anything more than 5-10 posts. Then, my first post seemed to be liked by few people – “Here To GO” – and then, I got hooked. I really wanted to write – share my thoughts with the blogosphere. I looked around at other people’s blog – and there were many accomplished writers. They seemed to have immense natural ability – writing on varied subjects – able to make the reader read intently – even long for their next post! (When will Charles write his next post? He is brilliant!! What about Priya – her posts are so thought provoking?)

Within the first few posts, I realized that this had become more than a just a hobby – every post was similar to getting your own book published – the anxiety, the excitement, the nail biting eagerness – the eagerness of wanting people to visit your blog, to see that first comment, someone “Liking” your post! So, here’s to all the eager over-eager writers/bloggers who continue to hope.. And write… that someday, yes someday….

So, here we go folks – The confessions of a novice blogger…

It is a beautiful Thursday morning – the perfect morning perhaps – the birds chirping away – the sun’s rays filling up my room.

I look at my watch – its 7:00 AM.

I had completed a blog post late at night – ready to be posted in the morning. I proof read the post one last time – making minor edits. The post is now ready – ready to be released to blogosphere.

I twitch my thumbs. I look at the “Publish” button, put my mouse pointer on top… hey wait! I re-live the blog post in my mind – Is the blog title “catchy” enough, did I start well, do I think my reader will want to read the next paragraph – would he / she be eager to read till the end of the post.. Did I finally end up appropriately?

Time ticks on…its 7:20 AM.. Oh! Must send now, and got to get ready for office.. Send send send..

I click “Publish”. WordPress says that it posted to twitter and Facebook too…

My wife brings me the morning tea, as I pick up the newspaper. I try to concentrate, yet cannot. What is bothering me? I pickup the laptop again – the site stats stands at a meager 10.. 15 minutes have passed since I posted. Not a single visit! Was my post not good enough? Maybe I should have posted in the night – that was afternoon in the US – maybe some of the folks there would have read – lesson learnt.

The clock shows 7:40 AM. The bar shows 11. One visit! Finally!!

I wait eagerly for a like or comment. Am I being desperate? Its fine – this is only a hobby.. Or is it? Over the last few weeks, I have got addicted. I love to write, express myself.. And I think I am not the worst at it!

Not the worst – isn’t that a negative way of thinking, I have to be in the good to best category.  I remember the lunch conversation with a friend.. “You will never be able to sustain it man. You are getting into ABC account now. This enthusiasm will die in a week. You got to be really talented to write good blogs, buddy”.

I have to be really talented to write good blogs. No wonder.. Charles, Priya, Sandy, Karen and numerous other bloggers that I have read – they sure are super-talented. Question is – will I be perseverant enough to hone whatever skill I have got, and one day – write blogs that evoke similar deep emotions in my readers?

Yes – I WILL sustain. I will write in the night, at 2 AM, over the weekend… do whatever it takes! I will not let work get the better of this new found passion! I have to continue to write, and I am confident that over time I will become really good at it.

But how? I have only 18 subscribers – eighteen! Rebecca has 156, Amanda has 240, Charles and Priya probably have more than 1000. Sigh. The maximum comments I have received on a post is 17. Am I not good enough?

I check Facebook.. Are my friends showing online? Vikas is there, so is Rohini. Have they not looked at the post yet? People will come – I console myself! Its too early in India – Wed night in US.. Maybe they will take some more time to look at this post.

The clock shows 8:00 AM. The bar shows 14. Three more visits!!

I must get up now and get ready for going to office…

The clock shows 8:45 AM. I am ready to leave for office – the usual “No breathing space, and run around to get work done” kinda day awaits. Will I hit a 100 hits for the day? Hundred.. That seems many many many hits away.

One last peek, before I leave. I take my BlackBerry and open WordPress on it. “Loading…” it says..

The bar shows 18.. Four more visits!

I leave for office, hoping.. Praying… Deep down in my heart that people visit the site and read the post – and Like it and Comment on it!

The cycle continues…. But I shall keep trying! Not letting the usual day-to-day deterrents bring down my enthusiasm. One day, yes one day – I shall be “Freshly Pressed” too!

In whatever you do, THINK BIG. I know, I am.


8 thoughts on “Confessions of a novice blogger

  1. We all are waiting for that One day, when liking & comments of Arindam Unplugged will reach the “K” series….. 😀

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