If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?

I liked this AutoTopic Generator suggestion and thought of trying to write something out… this is a deviation from my usual topics on life,, fun n laughter – so beware – I have no idea how the content would come out like!

Well, now that I am thinking about it – I don’t think I can fit into any one object. I think – I would need few objects to describe the various different sides of me… here we go…

Laptop – I think laptop & I belong to the same species. We have too much in common and virutally inseparable – we spend almost 80% of our time together. I eat with laptop by my side, sleep with it by my side.  My processors are always working (apart from when I am sleeping – a.k.a laptop shut down) – always analyzing things around me, thinking – if nothing else breaking down a conversation that may have happened during the day to see if I could have responded differently.

What else… hmm…

Sofa – Its soft and has cushions… similar to my large belly! Additionally, sofa suggests relaxation – it remains in a lazy position throughout.. a.k.a the “LAZY, don’t want to do any household work” side of me!

Quilt– which represents my warm and caring side – which though infrequent – sometimes is experienced by living beings around me!

Alarm clock – my irritating side – just like the ‘TTrrrrrrrng” of the alarm is the most irritating sounds, especially when you love to sleep like I do – I tend to be irritating (at times) with my largely pointless conversations, especially at the lunch table.. Don’t believe it – ask the folks who go with me for lunch!

Remote controlled toy car – the ones that keep moving around seemingly fast in all possible directions – my “don’t know where I am headed, but lets keep the energy levels up” side of me. And yeah… I am surely remote controlled by someone.. What else, can have so many mood swings if IT were not controlled by some supernatural powers..

Socks – denotes the sweaty side of me and the strong stench fragrance that I can emit after few minutes of physical exertion!

I can see you guys go “EEeeeeewwww” – so before I cause further stress, will stop for today!


6 thoughts on “If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?

  1. Ha Ha Ha, You can never irritate ppl as I know u………… And the thing u written abt ur Lappy is true….. rest all are good addition… 😀

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