From this Diwali….

It’s Diwali week – the festive season has set in and all of us are in SUPER FESTIVE mood. For a Bong, the Oct-Nov months are the festive months – starting with the Durga Puja (which is BIG in Bengal) to the Diwali  – it really is “Live life to the fullest, get and give lotsa gifts” time.

Here’s Diwali again – in all its lights and glory – spreading warmth and joy to one and all. So, to all my dear readers –

  WISH ALL OF YOU A VERY HAPPY DIWALI and a great year ahead!!

As I soak in the excitement, I ask myself – What will we do differently from THIS DIWALI? What will I change in myself to lead a fulfilled life?

So, here I go friends… FROM THIS DIWALI… I will…

  1. Appreciate the “little” joys in life – enjoying the morning cup of tea sitting in the porch to the smile of my wife when I return from work, from feeling the ecstasy in my parent’s voice when I call them to the fun-n-frolic of catching up with friends.
  2. Stop worrying about everyone else’s opinion of me – I am what I am, and there is no way I can please everyone. I am imperfect (as all of us are), and will live with it.
  3. Usher in a moment of joy & smile in other’s life each day, every day. For it is in giving and making others happy, that one feels “truly contended & fulfilled”
  4. Create a network of help – a pool of friends, colleagues whom I can reach out to – and it starts with ME helping them – selflessly (without looking for a return favor)
  5. Stop caring about things I have no control about and yes – stop worrying about failures – for a life without failures will be devoid of learning!!
  6. AND FINALLY, THANK GODeach day, every day – for giving me what I have – and above all, for giving me the gift of life…

What will you do differently from this Diwali?


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