Mishti Doi 10 : The Wasp Warrior

Eeeeks!! What are those?” – asked wifey, making a face.

It was Saturday evening. Last week had been a BAD household chore week!

 Well…I am fairly incompetent when it comes to household chores. While most of it is “true” incompetence, part of it can be attributed to my ill luck (or so I would like to believe) – things just tend to go wrong when I do anything around the house. Mom, and subsequently wifey had tried to give me various “low hanging fruits” in the “Keep the house in order” project hoping to generate some productive output from me!

I have NO idea how I spilled the water... again!!

For example – I was given the responsibility to fill up the water bottles from the Aquaguard (basically the water filter) . In the last week, I duly spilled water 3 times (trust me the water flow seemed to inadvertently increase suddenly). Anyway, the “water spilling” episodes in the kitchen obviously increasing MORE work for wifey – and with MIL staying with us this month – she granted me my “Yearly off” from this chore as well…

 “Yiiiipppppiiiiie” – I felt, when she relieved me of the duties. But soon, the “GOOD CARING HELPING HUSBAND” side of me induced a sense of guilt (oh! I absolutely hate that feeling). I must pro-actively help out with some household work to get rid of the self inflicted sense of guilt – I thought to myself.

 So, there I was this Saturday evening….

SLAY the blood suckers

I was hoping to help out wifey with some cleaning of the back porch – basically water the plants, “spade” them,  and clean the porch with the broom kept in the corner. While I paused to cool off from this “unaccustomed” heavy exercise, I was able to SLAY couple of wasps and an infinite (well almost!!) number of mosquitoes.

 Wifey joined me to check out if I was creating any mess (as I am prone to) and noted the tiny corpses. The following conversion ensued –

WIFE: Eeeeks, what are those??


ME: (Standing up and announcing proudly)  Hey, I slayed few bugs which could have been a nuisance for you!! (extra stress on SLAYED). I am the WASP WARRIOR!! (I clenched my fist, and raised my hands signifying victory over the blood sucking beasts)

WIFE: Oh!! So, why are you leaving them there? Why didn’t you sweep them off?

ME: (Proudly) I am leaving them there to serve as a WARNING for the other blood suckers!

WIFE: (Gives me the “WHAT DO I DO WITH YOU” look, shakes her head, and marches off inside)

 Hmm. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that I missed something there!

What do you think?


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