Thank You!

Dear readers – I’d like to thank everyone who has read my blog for putting me over the 1,500 hits mark!

Well, I did not do a thank you note for the 100 hit mark thinking it would be lame, I let 1000 pass thinking maybe it was just one good week. At 1500 in 3 and a bit weeks, I am very thankful to people who do come and read my ramblings.

So, a BIG thank you to everyone!!!

Here’s something to look forward to – Once I surpass the 10,000 hit mark, I will throw a party to all my lovely readers. All of you are invited… !

BTW, I wonder how long it would take to get there.. The challenge will be to sustain this momentum and keep posting good entertaining content to bring in a smile, a brief moment of joy to each one of you. However, each click, each comment, each “like” motivates me, and I hope to be able to keep up the pace!

Back to writingrambling!


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