AriRambles # 1 : Share the stupidity

Why have you started writing a blog? What sort of things do you plan to write about? What inspired you to start this? Will you be able to sustain this and continue writing?

Some of my friends reading my posts have asked me these questions – ever since I started writing this blog couple of weeks ago. So, I thought I will write this up to put an end to these seemingly un-ending questions….

Well.. I am real scared of drudgery, boredom. The fear of doing the same thing or living through the same old life (get up, go to office, run around trying your best to accomplish something, return home & sleep) for eternity (or so it seems) gives me nightmares. So, for my own good, I like to add some spice and laughter to our usual mundane lives by attempting to inject some humor into an otherwise simple event. (Read what my colleagues think of me in THIS IS ME!!) So, I am often told things like – “Hey, you are good at story telling” to “Wow! Where did that come from” to “Man.. You talk tooo much…” to the occasional – “EEEeeeks! That one’s shady!!!”

My lovely and ever-patient wife, tolerant enough to survive through our existence for several years, has made note of my natural ability (or stupidity) to inject pointless, largely irrelevant, and occasionally humorous utterances. Her usual comment on this whacky phenomenon that she has to live with is – “Where does all this wealth of crap reside in your head? Is that why you never remember to do the household chores?”. From doing a day job, to managing the household, to feeding the FAT PANDA at home to proof reading the ramblings I post – this superwoman does it all!

 Correcting course… and back to where I left it – so, one fine day, wifey asked me why don’t I share this stupidity with the digital world (a way to get some mental peace to the crap I continue to say at home, perhaps). So, I decided to take my ramblings & largely pointless conversations beyond the usual lunch tables & friend get-togethers – and share it with a wider audience. Thus was born the MISHTI DOI series – the ramblings of my life’s sweet, simple occurrences embellished in trademark “Ari” style. If you know me, well… you probably know what to expect (or do you??? ;-)). If you don’t, welcome to the fun ride and I hope that you have a sense of humor…. 🙂

 By the way, I also write about my thoughts on leadership – a topic close to my heart, and spread around the occasional “AriRambles” which are usually ways of letting out the crap in my head…

If you are still reading… well, do read the other posts & leave comments. Apart from loving the attention that my blog might get, it feels great to be able to make friends laugh, cry (from laughing) or think (that I am a silly idiot)!

At this point, I have no idea how to end this, so I will let you dear reader be the judge, jury and executioner…

 A M E N!!

(I have also added this to “What’s this blog about?” page on my blog)


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